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Buddy's Bar & Grill BBQ Soi 22

🍖🍗🌽 Our popular End of Month BBQ will be on Friday November 24th, Soi 22 from 7:30. 380 THB pp 🍽️🍺🌭

(Speaking of Soi 22, we are pleased to announce that we have a new Food & Drinks menu there (including some Burger options for Juniors and Seniors!). Check it out on the Soi 22 webpage. Do let us have any comments on this as we plan to extend the new menus out to all 5 locations in due course).



Buddy's Bar & Grill Bangkok have regular great BBQ parties at their venues

And remember, we now have Carlsberg on draft in Soi 22.

Draft Carlsberg now being served in Buddy's Soi 8, and  Buddy's Soi 22 (from August 10th, 2023).