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Songkran welcomes the traditional Thai New Year and is celebrated this month (from April 13th).

Many people know this annual festival for its fun and playful water fights but it is a celebration that is steeped in tradition and culture.  Do you know…..

*The symbolism behind the water festival is that the water washes away the bad luck of the outgoing year and provides a clean start for the year ahead.

* Cleaning Buddha images is one of the most important Songkran traditions.

* In some regions, it’s a tradition to paste a powder known as ‘din sor pong‘ on each other during Songkran as a way of wishing good luck.

* The Thai concept of sanuk (having fun) is at the forefront of the Songkran celebrations.

*Colourful Songkran shirts are a fashion essential!

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https://fanclubthailand.con o.uk/songkran-celebrating-the…/


At Buddy’s Soi 89 only on Saturday April 13th, we’ll be serving FREE Hot Dogs and Bar snacks from 3pm to 6pm, to give you the strength to survive!  

Songkran. Buddy’s Soi 89 FREE Hot Dogs and Bar Snacks from 3pm to 6pm

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