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💖 On Valentine’s Night (14th), â™¬ Love is in the Air â™¬ at Buddy’s Soi 8 and Soi 89! ðŸ’‘ Join us for a romantic evening. ðŸŒ¹

🍹 From 19:30 to midnight, we’re spreading the love with FREE DRINKS for all the Ladies! ðŸ¥‚💃 ðŸ’— And, that’s not all! Complimentary bar snacks will be served all evening, adding to your enjoyment of your Valentine’s night festivities. ðŸ¢ðŸ·

Make it a night to remember at Buddy’s Soi 8 and Soi 89, where love, laughter, and free treats come together for an unforgettable celebration! ðŸŒ™ðŸŒŸ 

Celebrate with your Valentine at Buddy's Bar & Grill Bangkok

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