Get Your Snus at Buddy’s

Buddy’s Bar & Grill is the exclusive distributor of Siam Snus in Bangkok, on sale at all of our five locations.

Our Siam Snus line of different Snus products are made entirely with Thai ingredients in Thailand. We use locally grown tobacco of the highest quality – pesticide-free, of course. All flavoring is added by cold-pressing locally grown fruits and herbs.

Only fresh and unsprayed tobacco is used in the manufacturing of Siam Snus. In Thailand there is a 5-star scale of tobacco quality and Siam Snus use only the best,  always from the same supplier.

The low tax on tobacco in Thailand means that using tobacco of such high quality in Snus production would not be economically viable to do the same in Sweden or other countries.

And now, we are pleased to advise that we also stock Imported Snus, including Ace, Gritt, Ice, X-15, Velo, Fox and Siberia. 

Most items usually in stock. To check first, call:

Buddy’s Soi 22 +66-(0)2-663-7115

Loose Snus

Siam Snus, made in Thailand, is made with great effort to ensure it is similar as the Swedish snus as possible. We use only unsprayed tobacco directly from the grower and can in this way maintain a consistent quality and taste of our snus. We believe we have covered the most common flavors, but if you are miss one, feel free to contact us with requests.

Portion Snus

We manufacture portion snus that is basically identical to the Swedish import. Our bags contain about 1.1 grams of snus and is made of the same material as are used in Sweden. As in Sweden, each box with Siam Snus Portion is loaded with 30 portion snus bags, which are also arranged in a neat star formation. If you like a bit weaker portion snus that runs a little less, we also offer white portion snus below.

White Portion Snus

Our white portion snus are a somewhat milder and less juicy portion snus. White portion is the perfect choice if you find normal portion snus too strong, or if you haven’t used snus much before. So if you like snus, but just not really strong snus, then you might want to give our white series a test.

Longcut Snus

Longcut means that it is much more coarse snus than, for example, loose snus. The flavors Apple and Cherry are examples of a sweetened longcut snus, as these among other ingredients are based on apple, honey and molasses. We also manufacture longcut that is not sweetened, but has the same base as the Swedish loose snus with the difference that it is very coarse-grained and has an overall stronger flavor of tobacco.

Imported Snus

Dont worry about things like that, Siamsnus have been sold in Thailand since 2012!

They are fully licensed to import Snus into Thailand.

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