These days, with the relative strength of the Thai baht against other currencies, and the continuing effects of inflation, a fun night out in Bangkok, whilst still cheaper than in other countries, can turn out to be a surprisingly expensive experience, if you are not careful.

So what do savvy resident expats and visitors do to conserve their spending money, yet still have a great time in Bangkok? Here are 8 tips

Drinks Deals

At the time of writing, in the midst of the Covid restrictions when some hospitality venues are struggling to survive, practically every pub and bar has offers on drinks, some of them fantastic!

Before deciding where to meet your mates, check out which places have “buy one get one free”, reduced prices for buckets and towers, or other cheap drinks deals.

Happy Hours

Similarly, check out the Happy Hours timings for popular venues. Some have Happy Hours prices all day! And make sure you get your orders in before the end of Happy Hours.

Daily Specials

A growing trend is for restaurants and pubs to offer a set menu on a particular day, or even every day, with a drink included, at a knockdown price. So, if you are planning on eating on your evening out, check out which venue has a daily special on that day.

Loyalty Awards

Venues offering free Wi-Fi to their customers are required by Thai law to collect the information of the people using the Wi-Fi. So a fair number of hospitality venues install software such as Purple Wi-Fi to do just that.

The upside is that, if you are a ‘regular’ at one of those venues, you are quite likely to receive a loyalty award based on the number of times you have visited. Or a gift on your birthday. So it’s well worth signing up for the Wi-Fi with a valid email address to receive, say, a free pint, or a bottle of wine, or a % discount off your food bill. As well as early notification of promotions, events, and special deals.


There are some terrific entertainers playing live music in Bangkok’s nightspots. Also a number of talented tribute bands. And you can listen, sing along or dance the night away, at no extra cost! Although, you may want to tip the musicians or singers if they have played your request or given an outstanding performance. Check out who is playing where and when on social media.


Many pubs allow you to play pool, darts and other bar games, all for free.

Or, you can watch live sports in most pubs on big tv screens in the company of your mates, often with reduced drinks prices whilst the big games are showing.

Quizzes, Competitions

If you and your friends fancy yourselves as quiz buffs, you may walk away with big prize money. There is a pub quiz almost every night somewhere in Bangkok


In these straitened times, hospitality venues are desperate for revenue to pay staff, rent and other costs. So, it is worth asking politely, with a smile, for a discount for, say, a group or staff outing, or a birthday party. Or even if you are inviting a lady out from a bar. But good luck with that one!