Buddy's Bar & Grill Bangkok serves super sizzling BBQs

🌟 This Friday evening (9th) there’ll be a sizzling BBQ Feast at Buddy’s Soi 89! 🍖🔥

Starting at 19:30 🕢, we’ll have our usual spread of grilled mains aand tasty sides that will leave you craving for more! But, don’t worry – it’s all you can eat for just 300 baht per person – a special price to celebrate Chinese New Year! 🍔🌽

🍖 Pork Ribs
🍗 Roast Chicken
🥩 Ribeye Roast
🌭 Hot Dogs
🇮🇹 Italian Sausages

🎉🥩 Don’t miss out on the BBQ party of the week – come hungry and leave happy! 🤤👫

See you there! 🍻🎊


Buddy's Bar & Grill Bangkok's famous end of month BBQ